Let's Grow Together 

Handfuls of Soil

First Blooms

1.5 Month Growth

Plant Inventory Day

To create Let's Grow Together, Elder Johnny Aitken invited his community on SḴŦAḴ / Mayne Island to bring a handful of soil from their gardens and add it to a custom-built planter in Emma and Felix Jack Park. Through Summer 2023, Johnny cared for the soil and protected it from drought, smoke, and fallow deer. 

What grew was a collective garden where 35 plant species have been identified (so far). 

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Project support from Bill Jamieson

Planter Construction


Plant ID-ing

Stinging Nettle

Plant ID List (From August 6 Inventory)

Common dandelion
Stinging nettle
Common nipplewort
Kentucky bluegrass
Smooth hawks beard
Fringed willow herb
Black medick
Rough hedge nettle
Scarlet pimpernel
Curly dock
Black medick
Annual bluegrass
Sharpleaf cancerwort
Species of kale
Garden petunia
Field forgetmenot
Common dandelion
Sprengel’s sedge
Common self heal
Rough hedge nettle
Petty spurg
German chamomile
Common plantain
Bitter dock
Smooth hawksbeard
California nettle
Rough hawkbit
Hairy bitter cress
Smooth hawksbeard
Oxeye daisy

Scentless Mayweed

Documentation by Elder Johnny Aitken.