Camosun Street Pollinator Garden

Yarrow Collective and 30 community members on Camosun Street in Fernwood converted a grass boulevard to a pollinator garden. This fun, creative process unfolded as together we dreamt up ideas for what the space could be, layered cardboard and mulch and soil, and planted a diverse ecosystem of pollinator plants inspired by everyone's vision. 

Big thanks to the group that contributed their hearts, hands, big ideas, and garden materials to make this happen and gratitude to Suz, and Marianne who invited us to be part of Play Streets. 

Gratitude to Pollinator Partnership Canada and Satinflower Nurseries, whose MeadowMakers grant program funded the plants for this project. You can wander by to check it out on the corner of Camosun and Grant streets as it continues to grow.

This project is ongoing.  

Phase 1: Dreaming (July 2022)

Was redesigned by a  community who asked: 

Phase 2: Layering (August 2022)

Phase 3: Planting (September 2022)

Phase 4: Caretaking (May 2023)

Meet Marianne from The Backyard Project who organizes Play Streets!

"I have big adoration for what these wonderful humans do. They ask us to consider with our hearts—as all great art does—life's pressing questions...

How can we be our best selves? 

How can we live well with other beings? 

Yarrow Collective gives us a framework and tools to help us answer these questions for ourselves."